900 years of family history are closely linked to Saxon, German but also European history, as well as world history. At this point we don’t try to deliver a particular presentation of such a wide time period.

Instead, we want to mention a few publications of historians and writers who approached the history of the Royal House of Wettin from different perspectives.

We invite you to regard our family’s past as your own one, too, in order to form the future, based on history and developed out of the present.

Opinion is bulk – conviction is based on experience and knowledge.


Unanimous, notarially certified agreement of 14 May 1997, signed by all members of the “Verein Haus Wettin A.L.” (House of Wettin A.L. Association), regulating the succession of the Head of the House (also known as Pentecost Decisions of 1997)

“Die Nachkommen des letzten sächsischen Königs” (The last Saxon King’s descendants), genealogical table, by courtesy of Sachsenbuch-Verlag and Doctor Jürgen Helfricht: „Die Wettiner: Sachsens Könige, Herzöge, Kurfürsten und Markgrafen“ (The Wettins: Kings, Dukes, Electors and Margraves of Saxony) – ISBN-10: 3896640445 – ISBN-13: 978-3896640444 – Download as PDF file

Interview with Margrave Alexander of Meissen Duke of Saxony on 15 October 2012. Download as PDF file.

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