Margrave Alexander of Meissen celebrates his 60th Birthday

To a private party, Margravine Gisela of Meissen invited friends and guests of honour from Saxony and Germany. More than 200 guests followed this invitation, so the President of the Parliament of Saxony, Doctor Matthias Rößler; the former Prime Ministers of Saxony, Professor Kurt Biedenkopf and Professor Georg Milbradt; the General consul and Doyenne of the consulary corps in Saxony, Jarmila Krejčíková; the First Major of the city of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert; the Rector of Dresden Technical University, Professor Hans Müller-Steinhagen; the former head of the board of the Volkswagen-AG, Professor Carl Hahn; Professor Hans J. Naumann, president of the club of industry in Chemnitz 1828 Association; Pater Nikolaus Natke OP; Baron and Baroness Bernhard Loeffelholz of Colberg and members of the House of Wettin, Princess Maria Josefa of Saxony, Prince Friedrich Wilhelm and Prince Karl August of Saxe-Gessaphe, Prince Mauricio and Prince Clemens of Saxony and members of the Order of St. Henry.