Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

Maria Teresita Princess of Saxony Duchess of Saxony:

She was born the fourth child of Prince Alexander of Saxony Duke of Saxony and Gisela Princess of Saxony Duchess of Saxony Princess of Bavaria in Dresden on 7.7.1999. She grew up between Dresden, Bavaria, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and finally Belgium. She lives and works in the Belgian capital together with her groom in the family business called Skydoo, which is dedicated to the computer world. Her speciality is web design and cybersecurity.

Teresita is the team leader of the web department and specializes in building websites from A to Z and taking care of French-speaking clients.

She is an avid nature and animal lover, and has loved rescuing street animals in Mexico. She is an art enthusiast, loves to paint and draw, and has a great love for rhythmic music. In her childhood she learned to play the violin and then later the piano.

Languages: Spanish, English, French and German

Comte Beryl Alexandre de Saporta:

Born in Paris on 13.07.1999. He spent his childhood with his family between Paris and Nancy until the family moved to Brussels in 2008. In between, he did a year abroad in England to learn English.

Beryl-Alexandre works together with his future bride in the family company Skydoo. This company has branches in Belgium, Germany, France and Poland.

Beryl-Alexandre has over ten years of experience in martial arts. He is also an avid mountaineer, in line with his love for nature and wide open spaces. He also has a special interest in gastronomy and attaches great importance to traditions and family values.

On his father’s side, his family comes from Provence; on his mother’s side, he has Scandinavian and Breton roots. This diverse background is a source of cultural richness. His maternal heritage, which is very artistic, has endowed him with a talent for the arts, especially drawing and music.

Languages: English and French. Is currently learning German and Spanish.

Beryl-Alexandre and Maria Teresita are aware of their heritage, are proud of it and are conscious of the resulting responsibility in the modern world. They feel obliged to pass on their heritage and they have a clear idea of the path that will lead them to raise a family, the education in the Catholic-Christian faith and the values on which they are based.

Of interest to you as a historian: the last wedding of a Wettin princess in the Hofkirche was on October 2nd 1886, when Archduke Otto of Austria and Maria Josefa Princess of Saxony, sister of Frederick August III, got married. Both later became parents of Emperor Charles I, the last Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So far the information from the archives of the Cathedral Archives.

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