Princess Gisela of Saxony Duchess of Saxony

Princess Gisela of Saxony Duchess of Saxony

Princess Gisela of Saxony Duchess of Saxony Princess of Bavaria was born in Leutstetten near Starnberg on 10 September 1964. She grew up in Bavaria and Austria.


After having been trained as a kindergarten teacher and educator, she visited the tourist college in Munich and spent one year in Spain. Princess Gisela is married to Prince Alexander of Saxony (* 12 February 1953) since 1987: They married civilly on 3 April 1987 in Mexico City; the religious marriage ceremony took place on 29 August 1987 in Andechs Abbey, Upper Bavaria. Together, they have four children:

  • Prince Georg Philipp Antonius of Saxony Duke of Saxony (* 24 May 1988, Mexico City)
  • Prince Mauricio Gabriel Robert of Saxony Duke of Saxony (* 14 September 1989, Mexico City)
  • Prince Paul Clemens Bernard Mansur of Saxony Duke of Saxony (* 23 March 1993, Mexico City)
  • Princess Maria Teresita Anna Luise Caroline Lucardis of Saxony Duchess of Saxony (* 7. July 1999, Dresden)

Honorary offices

Princess Gisela is the Promotion’s Committee chairwoman of the “Landesstiftung für Natur und Umwelt des Freistaates Sachsen“ (Saxony State Foundation for Nature and the Environment). She undertakes this work on voluntary basis.

Princess Gisela is an Honorary Consul for the Republic of Ecuador in Dresden, Germany, since 5 July 2009. By her work as Honorary Consul she wants to improve the communication between Saxony / Thuringia / Germany and the states and regions of Central und Latin America, with whom she is strongly associated due to her personal history. This commitment is flanked by private aid projects, which support Mexican street children.


Prince Rasso of Bavaria (* 24 May 1926 in Leutstetten,
† 12. September 2011 in Tutzing)

Archduchess Theresa of Austria Tuscany
(* 9 January 1931 in Wallsee, Austria)

Brothers and sisters

Princess Marie Therese of Bavaria
(* 10 September 1956 in Hohenschwangau)

Prince Franz Josef of Bavaria, as Benedictine monk known as Pater Florian (* 21 September 1957 in Leutstetten)

Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria
(* 22 January 1959 in Leutstetten)

Prince Wolfgang of Bavaria
(* 28 January 1960 in Leutstetten)

Princess Benedikta of Bavaria
(* 13 March 1961 in Starnberg)

Prince Christoph of Bavaria
(* 5 May 1962 in Leutstetten)