As state located in the middle of Europe, Saxony faces big challenges. To us, the tasks we have to cope with at present, seem to be huge and overwhelming. But if we look back at history, we see that continuously there were challenges we passed successfully. It is difficult to pursue long-term goals in times of increasing volatility and inconstancy.


Ideally, a society gives itself a frame, norms and an order, it strives for common goals and it stands for continuance. In the age of mass media, it gets more and more difficult to strengthen solidarity in society. Therefore, it is necessary and essential to consider our common identity which basically can be traced back on culture and fine arts.

To give young people an idea of Saxony’s past also means to inspire them for their lives. The cultural heritage which can be found in the extraordinary museums held by the Free State of Saxony should be a starting point for a new social self-concept.

Art & culture:

Art and culture were Saxony’s most lasting investments. Pieces of art, both timeless and international in standing, are durable evidences of thinking and awareness.

Behind the exhibits held by the Free State of Saxony, we can see the blistering decidedness which made it possible to convert the little into the valuable and everlasting. Let’s learn a lesson from this and convert the seemingly unimportant into something important, multifaceted and unique – even a cherry stone can show 185 faces in Saxony!

Against the background of its history, our family wants to give incentives and provide some thoughts which shall stand for a cosmopolitan and forward-looking Saxony. As it can only fail to provide solutions to such an extensive area of conflict, let’s try to settle our thoughts and to contribute them to a common and open dialogue.


Economy and society influence each other more and more, as consequence of globalization living spaces all over the world are strongly connected. We have to strengthen entrepreneurial spirit, to provide an excellent education to young people and to encourage them to live and work in Saxony.

Economy mustn’t be an instrument to satisfy material needs; instead, it has to become an ethical image of a responsible society.

Research and science:

Modern Age’s science helped to overcome frontiers. By means of science, the quality of life increased and tremendous progress was achieved systematically.

Today, Saxony is a worldwide known centre of knowledge. But we have to ask ourselves, what science is for and to whom it has to serve? First of all, research and science have to secure human rights. They have to be lasting and supported by scientists who feel obliged to our society’s humanistic values.